Serafina is a writer and actor who lives and works in London, England. On this website you can listen, read and watch some of her creative work. We hope you enjoy browsing the website! It's pretty plain vanilla, other than the content, which is diabolical, fresh, exciting and ..honest! For Serafina's philosophical writings and musings head over to

A Play on Philosophy and Finance

Don't blame the bankers ....$toopid

Greed vs Humanity: a Face Off!
Sharp, Lyrical, Funny! A Treat!

In a capitalist society  must we indulge in soul crushing daily routines or can we find the courage to break free?

If you have hated your job or wanted to find courage to change your life, listen to this piece!

Loved Wolf of Wall Street? You will adore this!

Don’t take my word for it, read the reviews:

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Don't Blame the Bankers Stoopid
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